Seeing without eyes.

I do, almost every day…


Definition of psychometry              

  1. 1:  divination of facts concerning an object or its owner through contact with or proximity to the object.         Merriam-Webster

“Psychometry is a psychic ability in which a person can sense or “read” the history of an object by touching it. Such a person can receive impressions from an object by holding it in his/her hands or, perhaps, touching it to the forehead. Such impressions can be perceived as images, sounds, smells, tastes – even emotions.”       Stephen Wagner 

“2. The alleged art or faculty of divining facts concerning an object or person associated with it, by contact with or proximity to the object.”

“Psychometry (from Greek: ψυχή, psukhē, “spirit, soul” and μέτρον, metron, “measure”), also known as token-object reading, or psychoscopy, is a form of extrasensory perception characterized by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object.  Supporters assert that an object may have an energy field that transfers knowledge regarding that object’s history. There is no scientific evidence that psychometry exists and the concept has been widely criticized.”   Wikipedia

“1The supposed ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them.” Oxford Living Dictionaries

“psychometry 1 the supposed divination of facts about events, people, etc., from inanimate objects associated with them. ”   Oxford American Dictionary

the hypothesized ability to obtain knowledge about an object, or about a person connected with it, through contact with the object” Your Dictionary

“2. (in parapsychology) the supposed ability to deduce facts about events by touching objects related to them”

“1.The paranormal ability to discover information about an object’s past, and especially about its past owners, merely by handling it.” Wiktionary

“Psychometry may refer to: ▪ Psychometry, a form of extrasensory perception ▪”                      

I found these definitions in books and on the internet. Six of them are opinion, using words like supposed or hypothesized, the rest are accurate. I can, beyond the shadow of a doubt, prove the six wrong. Experience supersedes belief. My experiences have changed my beliefs from somewhat scattered to firm and immovable. I, and how do I say this without sounding pius, perform, practice, can do, am skilled in, learned how to use this ability. Psychometry is a word that describes an action, a skill, like carpentry or tailor. If words only hold credence because they have scientific evidence , we need to take love out of the dictionary. (along with many others)

Enough description, let me share an experience with you. In fact, let me share my first psychometry experience with you. How I got to the point that I have this ability is a story for another day. Suffice it to say the road to where I stand today was steep, long and winding with no signs or arrows to show me the way. I attended the psychic fair in Phoenix this spring. There were several lectures throughout the day and I planned to attend as many as possible. Since there were overlapping lectures in the same time block, I had to choose between two. Neither description grabbed me so I just walked into the closest conference room and took a seat along the aisle, four rows from the front.

The speaker was a woman who performed Reiki, amongst other things. During her talk I learned that one of the things she does is to assist in missing person cases. She uses her abilities to help families to find their missing loved ones. This intrigued me, so I listened to every word she said and asked as many questions as I could muster. About three quarters of the way through her talk, she asked if anyone in the room knew what psychometry was. I, at that moment, did not. She explained what the word meant and told us (there were about fifteen people in the room) that she had asked a few people to bring an item with them that would be read in front of the audience.

(A little side note here, I’m already a gifted psychic and have spent a lot of time looking for missing people. This blog is to tell people about psychometry, but it’s hard to separate one from the other)  

Then, to my surprise, she asked for a volunteer to try reading an item. Since I already walked into a room, by chance, with a woman giving a lecture about her own experiences finding missing persons (which is right up my alley) I raised my hand. Two rows ahead of me, across the aisle, a woman with dark hair turned and reached toward me with an item in her hand. I never looked at the item nor did I look her in the face. I simply took it, leaned forward in my chair with my elbows on my knees and got into the zone.

As the images came to me in succession I spoke aloud what I saw in each. The first was a clear view, as if I were lying on the floor, of a dark brown wooden dais. I saw the bull nose edging, it was only six or seven inches above the main floor. The next thing I saw was a pulpit, to my left, the same dark color as the floor. My vantage point was the same so I was looking up at it from the side. Behind it I saw a figure, shrouded in white and gold, tall and bearded. The next thing I described was a window or a door with a gothic arch at the top. Also made of wood. There was either a cross or a plus sign shaped opening in this door shuttered window.

That was it, I was drained at that point. I told the audience that there was more but I had spent my energy for the moment. I handed the item back to the woman and again I didn’t look at her face. Everyone was amazed when the woman told the audience that the item she had brought with her, a brass envelope opener in the shape of a double edged knife, belonged to her grandfather. He had been a carpenter and built many churches in his day. I don’t get attached to anything I see though I can obviously remember it all. After the lecture the woman came up to me and wanted to know how I did it. How I could get so much information just by touching an object. I gave her the best explanation I could, which was probably lacking at best. She thanked me and we parted ways. I had to sit in my chair for a few minutes after I finished. It is a draining task to accomplish as I found out that day.

What are the real world applications of this skill, what good is it to be able to discern information from a material object? I suppose it could be used to solve a crime or catch a bad guy. When I find missing people I haven’t used this particular skill, but I’m sure it would compliment the process I use. I haven’t gotten that far yet.I must add that this is all fact, I didn’t adlib any of it and I’d take a lie detector test any day of the week. It can absolutely be done, no doubt.

Author: sharpwriter

The world is still full of mystery after a few billion years...

3 thoughts on “Seeing without eyes.”

  1. I need a psychic to give me direction. I need to reach inner peace!!!!!!
    I was the one that wrote that anonymous question on Quora… I appreciate your feedback, and would like to learn more? I am struggling with deep, mejor depression and anxiety. I was diagnosed with existential depression as the questions I have been asking myself since I was 15 cannot be answered and I am unable to escape this frequency . I feel like a small concentration of consciousness exploring everything around, disturbed by the fact that even though I accepted it, my mind keeps on wondering and it is affecting my life. I can’t even hold on to a job sometimes.
    Don’t know what to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. John Smith, with no photo. So you hide it for a while, I did. What’s in a name anyhow, your words are all that’s needed to see the real you. (yes, you can see people just by the words they choose). Let’s start at the beginning, you want direction. That’s the first thing that gives credence to your abilities. Normal people are sheep and follow the crowd because the rules are meant for them, not us.

      Second, you were diagnosed, by a retard that knows only what they were told is true. Again, the rules are meant for the masses. Doctors will leave your life from this moment forward, they can’t help you. Don’t listen to them and only seek one out for trauma, broken arm, stitches. They’re mechanics, nothing more.

      “I can’t even hold a job sometimes.” Welcome to my world. I’m forty-eight years old and have had forty-four jobs in my life. Some only lasted a few hours before I told the boss to go fuck himself. I work for myself most of the time now because of my psychic abilities. I’m an empath, like you, plus a bunch of other things. I can feel the energy of everyone around me, good or bad. The bad energy (and I didn’t always know this) I find intolerable. I used to think it was me, feeling bad all the time. Then (years later) I discovered that what I was feeling was coming from the people around me. I always just thought I was an asshole toward everybody.

      Diagnosis, you probably are an empath and a lot more. I’d like to welcome you to the most exclusive club on the planet. Bill Gates isn’t even a member and couldn’t buy his way in if he wanted to. So, the first thing you need to do is go to a place where you can be alone, a park, the woods, the top of a mountain, anywhere you can get to easily. Once there, you are going to learn what it feels like to be you. Sounds weird, but with lots of people around, and you feeling all the vibrations they are giving off, it’s hard to figure out what YOU feel like. Go there, pack a lunch, whatever. Now close your eyes and do nothing but feel your body, your energy, what it’s like to just be you. A little exercise you can do, start by feeling the bottom of your feet, what do they feel like? Move up your legs, feel your legs, calves, knees. Do this all the way to the top of your head. The goal, painting the energy picture of no one else but you.

      Now, it’s time to find one person. Leave your place of isolation and seek out one person, preferably a stranger. Don’t get too close at first, just find them. All you need to do is walk past without saying a word. I can feel someone a hundred feet away, depending on what kind of energy they are putting out. You have a range as well, you must learn what it is. As you walk closer to this person, try to focus on what you feel like, what you’ve just learned. The moment it changes, try to pinpoint the source. Chances are you are feeling what’s coming off this person. Keep walking closer and see if it gets stronger. THere’s your first exercise. IF you want to have fun with it, keep your mind clear as you get closer and listen to the first thing that pops into your head. Don’t filter it, accept whatever comes. It could very well be the thoughts of the test person.

      Once you determine what it is that you are feeling (and hearing) and the source, you’re on your way to getting your sanity back. One thing, it’s tough to turn it off in the beginning, so you better get a handle on it or you’ll wind up in a padded room. After a while, you’ll learn to do all kinds of cool shit, so don’t freak out…


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