Wooden Spike



I Picked up this piece of wood from another garage sale. The man who sold it to me said that it was a log cabin spike. Let’s see what it shows me.

-The first image I get is a forest with many white birch trees. A weird shaped ax or hatchet. The blade is huge compared to one made today. It’s heavy and sharp. Next, I see a two-man saw with big teeth. The man using it has weird pants on with no pockets and they’re held up with some kind of rope, no belt. He has a pouch with tobacco in it. His boots have hard wooden heels, the aren’t comfortable to wear.

-“A man with two sons” I see clothes with buttons and suspenders.

-I see an old wooden box, they need a lot of these spikes. A cast iron bit and brace with a long auger bit, that’s what they used to drill the holes with. The man carries an old six-shooter on his hip in a black leather holster. They used mud and straw to fill in-between the logs. A horse or a mule with a long, heavy rope pulled the logs out of the woods to where the cabin was being built.

-1829 came as words when I asked the year.

Here is a picture I found of an ax from 1829, exactly the way I saw the blade shaped.010


Author: sharpwriter

The world is still full of mystery after a few billion years...

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