Sauce Ladle

DSC_0268Another garage sale. I picked up a silver plated sauce ladle, it was half price. Let’s see where it takes me.


-A man wearing a black suit. A black bow tie. He has a grey bushy mustache and mutton chops. (1870) came as words. There is quail on the table with dinner.

-The men in the room are talking about the king of England (the year was in the Victorian era so they might have been saying that England needs a king) Men smoking pipes and cigars. The servant, a woman, is wearing a white linen cape (apron) with long strings on the back, she comes into the room to clean up. She says, “Guvna” an English accent.

-Wooden roller skates. One of the children that live in the house left them in the smoking room. Someone mentions that the cigars are from Havana.

-The roller skate looks like a tall shoe with wheels on it.


I checked out the skates, the description is in period. In 1870 they had wooden roller skates. Plenty of cigars came from Havana in that year also, especially to England. The servant checks out as well. They wore a cape (apron) just like I saw. All this is excellent proof for me, quantifiable data. There’s just one thing that I can’t figure out. From what I can gather, this ladle was made in 1937. So there must be a connection between the ladle and the men in the room in 1870, what it is I don’t know yet…


Author: sharpwriter

The world is still full of mystery after a few billion years...

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