“My own understanding, from experience, is more akin to the analogy that there is an invisible thread connected between every mother and her child.”



A good friend of mine moved to another state. He gave me these glasses about six months before he left. He told me, “These were my dad’s glasses.” He loved the hell out of his dad and often talked about him. He’d been dead for I can’t remember how many years already and my friend still missed him every day. So, his connection to these glasses is strong, a direct link to his father. My connection to these glasses is that my good friend gave them to me.

When I picked them up to do psychometry on them, I fully expected to see images of my friend’s dad, nope, that’s not what I saw. Vivid images of my friend still sitting on his balcony came to me immediately. This surprised me but excited me at the same time. I’m trying to make sense of how and why this works, there really isn’t any good data out there and the few books I’ve read are full of dogma and conjecture.

One such explanation is that an item or location can be imprinted with an energy signature of the previous owner. A psychometrist simply taps into this imprint and reads or senses it like a newspaper. This could only be true if every psychometrist saw the same thing when they read the object. There goes that theory.

My own understanding, from experience, is more akin to the analogy that there is an invisible thread connected between every mother and her child. There are ample documented cases of a mother having precognitive visions of something happening to her child or knowing, at a great distance, when her child is injured or killed.

So, my belief falls within this vein. There is a thread connecting a person to an object or place, not an imprint. Example, I have a connection to the glasses that goes to my friend, not to his father. I believe that if I did a reading on the glasses for him, I would tap into the thread that connects him to his father. Another example, when I look for a missing person, having a family member that is closely connected to the missing gives me a giant thread to tap into. I’ve done it before with nothing but a picture with varying results.

I’ll keep looking and experimenting until I fully understand how and why this works. Thanks for taking the time to read this….



Block Plane

DSC_0264I picked up this old block plane at a garage sale for $15. I figured that because it’s old, it’ll have a story to tell me. A very simple tool, one piece of wood with a tapered wedge to hold the blade in place. Since it’s a hand tool someone had to have put a lot of energy into it to make it work. Let’s see if there’s a thread attached that I can follow…


The first thing I see is someone using a wooden hammer to tap the wedge in place, tightening the blade.

A man, he’s wearing a heavy leather apron and has round spectacles on.

I see a shop, they make banisters there, other things as well. The plane isn’t flat, it doesn’t have a straight blade, it’s rounded to dish something out. He used it on the side of a banister.

There is a wooden sign hanging outside the shop. A horse and cart, the road is dirt. A small bell hangs from the jamb in the upper corner of the door. It jingles when someone opens the door and walks inside. There are round pegs sticking out of the wall, maybe where tools are stored or finished pieces are set. Inside the shop, there is a lot of sawdust on the floor, off to the side an old cash register sits on a small table or counter. The cash register displays numbers on something above the body, like around bar. (I drew a picture of this) There’s a crank handle on the side.

The shopkeeper writes things on a piece of yellow paper, a small pad that he keeps next to the register. “1920” comes as words.

Ok, I’m doing pretty good with this object. I’ll try to get some answers to specific questions.

“Where is this shop located?”   Cambridge Massachutesets. – This came easy, came as words. I didn’t even have to look.

“What id the name on the sign?” O’Rileys (woodworking) Thomas O’Riley. Tougher to get this, couldn’t see the sign, just heard the words. I also get the smell of horse shit outside the shop.

I see a canvas bag with woodworkers tools in it. It’s heavy. The word “Florence” comes. Could be a place or a person. Big, heavy wooden table inside. Made of four by fours. He made it. “2 August, 1914,” he writes it on the pad cash register.

I see some kind of a handle on the front of this plane. Kinda looks like a shovel handle, but different. It looks like a piece is missing.

I see a pile of logs, raw materials for him to use.

So I did some research. There were plenty of unpaved roads in Cambridge in 1914. There were also plenty of horses, people still used them to get around. The cash registers of the period had a crank on the side. I couldn’t find anything specific about O’Rileys, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t out there….